Tittsworth: Next Big Thing

The DMV scene is blowing up on all fronts. Tittsworth is holding it down on the club scene and for those of you who aren’t on him yet, you need to step it up. I’ve been rocking out to his John McCain experience for days on end now. I haven’t heard anyone work the original “A Millie” track into a club mix that badass. On top of that, he just released his debut “12 Steps”  EP, which includes some tracks we already gave you way back when and the recently released “WTF” track feat. Pase Rock & Kid Sister.

Expand your tastes.

Download: Tittsworth — The John McCain Experience

Download: Tittsworth feat. Pase Rock & Kid Sister — WTF

One Response to “Tittsworth: Next Big Thing”
  1. modi says:


    my man DJ’s with him occasionally. his shit is actually FIRE, too. i need you to give me your thoughts on him…


    i put up a few mixes by him right before i went on vacation.


    bladaow. thoughts!? go to his myspace too. dj dave nada is a beast too.

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