DMV Mixtape: August 2008

It took us a little while to narrow it all down and to finalize the artwork, but the August edition of the monthly DMV mixtape series is here and its gonna blow up. The last edition got a lot of love and we’re back again to showcase our homegrown talent. Huge shouts to my cohorts, Modi from DCtoBC (who gets the majority of credit for pulling this month’s track listing) and Ges from KNOWxONE. These are only gonna get better every month, so artists, DJs, producers, step your game up if you want to be featured.

Download: The DMV mixtape: August ’08  | sendspace | megaupload

(the megaupload might be a bit faster)

[Tracklisting & message after jump]

…we’re not here to whine about how our region is overlooked when it comes to hip hop; we’ve already made progress. wale had arguably the best mixtape of the year, and sold out that show at S.O.B.’s in NYC last month. tabi bonney’s videos were all over cable, and one even earned an MTV awards nomination. we have definitely made an impression on the music industry, and are on the way to a movement.

people are hungry to see what else the region has to offer, so we went extra hard in creating the best possible august edition of the DMV mixtape. in addition to the names you already know, we wanted to introduce a few that you may not. we got exclusives, we got unreleased tracks, we have some major label talent, and we have people who grinded out their tracks in their basements on makeshift studio equipment. and we can honestly say it all cranks. so take a second and check it out.

1. walebreakdown! (dj infamous / levi’s 501 remix)
2. blaqstarrbang hard
3. dirty waterlove your style
4. X.O.i swear
5. G5 clivetweeters n’ cones (feat. Arafat Yates & scoopay)
6. ra the mcwhat else
7. high societypityfulville
8. T.E.F.L.O.N.sure thing
9. markymoping around
10. top notch teamsters (TNT)After The Go-Go
11. Lyriciss FlowzThe Willie Lynch Chip
12. Magnum Dollar$I am the streets
13. al greatmake it
14. tabi bonneykick rocks
15. benjii just want the papers
16. bishopdown
17. nando mcflyy and mouseunder dog
18. k-betawatch fo’
19. deron3 A.M.
20. cayanget it shawty
21. the packagethe drug
22. R.E.U.B.the pain
23. d. omen and G*TwoDear Winter

3 Responses to “DMV Mixtape: August 2008”
  1. D. Omen says:

    lmao I actually do nothing on this track except mix and say “aauuguahfhwwww the RUNNERS” at the beginnin

  2. Loving the DMV Movement….putting this up on my blog too!!

  3. Keezy says:

    As they used to say, DMV aint nothing to fuck wit’!

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