USA 118 – 107 SPAIN

I finally feel like I had a reason to stay up so ridiculously late. The Redeem team got the gold that they were pretty much expected to after a pretty close game with team I-have-Chinese-friends. Kobe, like in all clutch games, was on point, and ensured that he’d sell a couple million more jerseys in all of Asia. For some reason, Beckham got a crap load of face time when we all know that regrettably [America as a whole] doesn’t care for soccer, despite my efforts to try to turn you on to it. Aren’t you mid-season homie? I’m pretty sure you all just lost two days ago in L.A.

I wish I were an internationally recognized, super-star millionaire athlete.

2 Responses to “USA 118 – 107 SPAIN”
  1. Keezy says:

    Y’all dont care about soccer…But you’re what 300 million americans? Which leaves bout 2 billions and some millions that cares about it…Dont forget that soccer is the most popular sport worldwide…The Soccer World Cup has better audience than any Olympics….know what I mean….If Beckham had done anything crazy on the bench…They’d stopped the game and film Beckham….

    I must add that I’m not really a soccer fan but thats how it is…

  2. mrdylanmichael says:

    futbol > any other sport. the WC final will drop a steamer on any other sport’s championship match. I still hate it though when they decide to zoom in on any celebrities in the stands. It’s like the networks are tryin to pull a khaled and just name drop as much as possible. “OMG celebrities are just like ME! they watch the same sports I do!” Becks is/was a solid player, but his superstar status is just a product of media, not his skill. word.

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