I’ve been waiting a while to be able to post the homie R.E.U.B‘s entire project up. In fact, it’s been nearly 2 months since I first posted a track off of this project. Safe to say I’m a fan of his work, but since he was originally selling “The Billboard Insurgence”, I didn’t want to leak his shit out there since I bought my copy (I had a job back then). Well, some clowns uploaded it online and posted it up for people to download for free, and instead of just bitching about it, Reub shot over the project in it’s entirety for everyone to enjoy. Consider it a solution to the prohibition era.

Download: R.E.U.B. — The Billboard Insurgence R.e.mixed

Hit the j to read R.E.U.B. break down each and every track. Just makes it all the more enjoyable.

Amputated Soul: from Alicia Keys – As I Am

From the moment I heard the intro to Alicia Keys album, I knew I was going to spit some bars on it. I started to write, and then I remembered a verse I had already written that just made sense to start this album with. It’s the type of verse that I feel proud for having written. It is truly one of my favorites on the album because it speaks to what we go through in the name of music. Many a friendship have been shipwrecked, many a dream killed, plenty a job lost, several a fight fought, etc. You name it; we put ourselves through it, all in the name of hip hop. It’s crazy if you think about.

My Favorite line: “Hearts and spirits get broke, the game takes its toll, but ain’t no prosthetic for an amputated soul”

African Gangster: from Jay Z – American Gangster

Jay is undoubtedly one of the best to ever do it: thus I had to do one of his joints. I picked this one for 2 reasons.

1. I needed to do a song that other rappers weren’t already remixing to death (because every Jigga joint gets remixed 10 zillion times).

2. I needed a joint that he really spit that heat on so that people could hear me kill it on a joint that was already blessed. I mean why bother with a mediocre joint? If I want y’all to realize what I am capable of, then I need to show you, right?

N-e-way, I spoke my mind, I got lyrical, I got dumb, and I got my man on this joint!

My Favorite Line: “Don’t try to PUFF me up, and screw me like LOX, Yeah I’m def enough to jam, still the move might be KOCH”

Waiting on the World to Change: from John Mayer – Continuum

I woke up at the crack of dawn and sat at my workstation and wrote the whole thing to air (no beat). It was just me and my thoughts. In the wake of this writing bonanza, I knew that I had to record a.s.a.p. if I was going to keep the true feeling in the record; thus started a dizzying search for instrumentals. Thankfully, I had already looped the instrumental to “Waiting on the World to Change” and when I put it on the words and vibe were a perfect match. I had previously decided not to spit over that beat, mainly because I consider the original a classic and I strongly believe that some things need to be left alone: crack, wolverines, e-commerce seminars, classics, etc.

On another note, the lyrics to this song created a lot of light hearted grief because of the important people in my life that weren’t mentioned. In their defense, I did a poor job of talking about some of the more key people in my life; and I certainly didn’t speak in any relative order. In my defense: THAT WASN’T THE POINT! I wasn’t writing the verse based on anything other than what came to mind instantly. My apologies to everyone who felt or feels neglected, I’m sure you’ll get over it after years of counseling and home based therapy. Lol.

My Favorite Line: “Talking about Genocide, Jena 6, and Mumia, Strength of a black woman, thought of my sister Freda”

Sexy Can I: from Ray J – All I Feel

I had to get my “LL REUB J” on for this one LOL. I really liked the original record for some reason or another. That’s strange because I’m not a huge fan of either of the original artists on this record (not that I hate them, cuz I don’t), so I was apprehensive to even mess with it. Once past that initial feeling, I realized that it I really had to take this joint up a notch.

My first thought was to take the beat and spice it up with some additional percussion (DC style), but I opted to add some sound bites instead. Once added to the track, Jay-z’s vocals had me amped, so I decided to try out some Game vocals. The Game’s vocals fit perfectly too, so I rolled the dice one-mo-gin and tried out some Super Cat lines. Man, the stars must have been aligned that night because everything was clicking. Now it was up to me to do my thing and give the tracks whatever I thought the original was missing. Take it how you take it, but the mood I was going for was: sexy but not so obvious.

My favorite line: “She failed out of nursing school, but kept all the outfits”

Apologize: from ONE REPUBLIC – Dreaming Out Loud

This is just my type of song period! It made me feel something instantly. The beat kept dancing around in my mind, the words were playing with my emotions, I was hooked. I didn’t really even know what it was about but I kept thinking of friends lost over the years.

ROE actually sent me the song and suggested that we remix it. I really didn’t want to because of how well executed the song already was but after I heard his verse I just had to get in on the action. Besides having lost some of my close friends to suicide, there were also a few people whose personal experiences helped me write. Thank you Erin, your candid words and openness help make this song what it is.

If nothing else ever came of this entire project: completing this song and knowing that people can relate, is good enough!

My Favorite line: “I miss your smile and the way you smelt; I wish I never hid how I felt”

LOLLIPOP: Lil Wayne – The Carter III

If you claim to be one of the best, then you must match yourself up with the best! Right now Lil Wayne is one of the best. Even the haters know that he is crazy with it. To prove to them that I am what I am, I need to take a single from Wayne and make it even crazier than he did. So I took his hottest record of late; Lollipop, and let me soul glow. This was kind of a challenge because of all the sing songy- auto tune efx stuff happening, but in the end I ripped it and didn’t even have to pop any pills in the process. lol. If you ask me “I think I killed this joint” and I refuse to hear anything other than that! LOL. Even if you hate Wayne, I think you will like the record now! If not, then you must be either stuck in the past, or a pedophile (no reasoning for the pedophile thing other than to insult you).

My Favorite Line: “the game this chick spit was sick, don’t need no second opinion”

Superstar: from Lupe Fiasco – The Cool

From the very first time I heard Superstar by Lupe, I just knew this was my kind of record. Lupe did his thing on this joint, as he always does. Usually, when I hear a record that has been punished by the original artist, I wash my hands of it as far as remixing it is concerned. However, Superstar really had the hamster wheel turning. Not only did I have these stories in mind, I honestly feel as though they had me in my mind too. I have never really had verses come to me as effortlessly as they did with Superstar. I started thinking about the actual life of a so called Superstar and how much more difficult and painful their lives are than they let on. Then I thought about some of the everyday people who don’t even realize how blessed they are to just be happy. Happiness doesn’t come easy, as we all know!

My Favorite Line: “The VIP is like the National Zoo, Behind the Red Ropes here, is the African R.E.U.B.”

BE EASY: from Young Hot Rod ft. Mary J.

An old friend/great Left Coast DJ (Jr. of Vala Entertainment) is the creator of some profound mix tapes. His CD’s have the most dynamic mixture of music and are simply refreshing to listen to. He and I crossed paths at a friend’s Bachelor Party over the summer where he played one of his latest mixes, which featured this record. The beat instantly had me and everyone else going crazy. I had never heard it but he insisted that the cat had been out for a while in the West and that he could get me the instrumental if I wanted it. Mary J. on the hook, Dre on the beat and me on the M.I.C… yup yup… this joint is certified! Lyrically, I just had fun with it, but you know me; there’s always some sort of message.

My Favorite Line: “My chick’s chest was flatter than boards on abandoned buildings”

All of ME: from 50 Cent – Curtis

Not to hate on 50, but I just don’t think he rocked this beat right! The title and hook were right up my alley. The beat makes you feel like your standing on top of something and yelling out: I’M HERE NOW! Then of course you got Mary J. on the hook, so I had no choice but to make it do what it do baby. You can’t flow along side the queen and come soft, ya dig!

My favorite line: “Put so much shit on the streets, it more than a hobby, it’s like I took a sharp turn in a truck full of port-a-potties”.

DANCE MACHINE 3007: from R.E.U.B

Sir Aah hit me up to add a verse to a track he was working on called “I feel like Dancing”. Didn’t really seem like a theme that I would typically do but I was interested once I heard the beat. The track was pretty tight so I was down to add a 16 to it. The problems only started when I recorded my vocals and wanted to re-engineer the track with drops, adjust the mix, and things of that nature. It turned out that the track was mainly a loop and could not really be manipulated that much. That turned me off to the record so I gracefully bowed out. Initially disheartened because I really liked my verse and wanted to use it, I decided to make a beat to match the tempo of the original, that way I could lay it down. The Jackson 5’s Dance Machine was the first track I thought to sample being that I was doing a joint about dancing. I made the track and the rest is history.

A few fans and friends hit me up like “why in the hell are you doing a dance track?” This was before they really listened and realized that I was still spitting on the beat. HATERS LOL…

My Favorite Line: “Oh No, boo chill, I am not Sisco and this is not Dru Hill, ma, I can not enter the dragon”

With You: from CHRIS BROWN – Exclusive

“Hearts all over the world tonight” – that line had me thinking; thinking about the troops, about their families, about young love, about long distance relationships, about lust, love, and everything in between. Then I thought, damn R.E.U.B., you need to take this feeling and make something of it before it’s gone. Simple as it often is to write new material, this one actually took me a day or two longer than forever. I felt such extreme pressure to deliver this story that you would think I knew the characters for real. I kept imagining the level Andre 3000 would have taken it to, and that made me scrap all the mediocre versions of my verses. I refuse to be yet another average rapper, telling yet another average story, while cats like Andre 3000 are out there somewhere expanding minds.

My Favorite Line: “She gets sexy for her man, even though he can’t see it”

MILK AND HONEY: from Hollie Cook

I was contacted by Tommyboy Records about possibly doing a remix for one of their upcoming artist. I was contacted by this really cool cat, who told me that he had heard a lot about me and that I had a bit of a buzz in the industry: all of which was music to my ears. Long story short, he eventually extended this remix opportunity to me and I jumped on it. This song gives the album a deeper darker feel, and gave me a chance to really challenge myself to match the vibe of the beat.

My Favorite Line: “if you focus on the negatives, you might as well be a photographer”

BLEEDING: from Leona Lewis – Spirit

I heard this joint one day while changing CD’s. I don’t really listen to radio that much so I never heard it before, plus it’s not even remotely hip hop. Still, when I really listened to the lyrics, I had the knife out; ready to take a stab at it. I’m a control freak (actually I’m just a freak, but I that’s beside the point) so I decided to change the overall meaning of the song. The word BLEEDING just made me think of a relationship in distress, so I took that feeling and ran with it. I also took inspiration from an argument I heard some cat having on his celly outside of the grocery store that same day. He was telling one woman that she acted “White” and other assorted off brand insults in his attempt to piss her off. When he got off the phone he started talking to another friend about his ex-girl. At this point I didn’t want to seem like a stalker so I walked away. I mean damn I did follow that cat for about 5 minutes or so. My NOSEY ass!

My Favorite Line: “Like dude… like… like… You’re an imposter”


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