Has anybody else out there been watching the RNC lately? Forreal, despite all the shit that’s been flung Palin’s way, and to be honest she may have pinched it off herself, I still want to hear what she has to say. But after hearing Palin’s speech, what she was saying was overriding a lot of what I was trying to hear. J. Smooth is on point with the RNC Hater Ball.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Even the Post has an article about it if you need a (slightly) less biased opinion on the focus of Palin’s speech.

Putting it out there, I’m not a Dem. or Republican, but I do lean left. Politicians are all playing the same game and are playing by the same rules, so they’re all part of the same pile of doo-doo. So I’m all ears to she what she has to say, and the first impression I’m getting from this relatively sexy-ass nobody is that she’s all for playing the attacking game instead of that issues game.

Ok, nothing new, this is politics.

Whats really is making me all mad and wanting to go out and pull a couple DMX’s is this “elitist” game. The first instinct might be to want a President that kind of resembles you, you know, all middle class and shit. But the last time we went by who we’d rather have a beer with…well, all of us are drinking a bit more cause of him now is all i’m saying. More importantly though, when would it be even possible for a President to be less elitist? Don’t we want our President to be the creme of the crop? Since when has one of our Presidents not been Ivy League educated? In everyday terms, elitist is the same as snobby, rich and douche combined. But when we’re talking about the leader of the motherf&*$ing free world? You better be better than me, cause I would drive this country straight down to third-world status, right about nowish.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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