The Pleasure Was All Mine

T.I. records a track with possibly the coolest dude coming out of the ATL, B.o.B. If you’re new to his music, we’ve posted some of stuff before. I know a lot of you aren’t too comfortable with the “search” bar, so here you go. Paper Trail should be pretty fucking good, judging by the 7/9th’s … Continue reading

When Keeping It Real Goes Right

Its been a while since zefrank stopped putting out episodes consistently, which used to be one of my favorite things to keep updated on my ipod. It’d been a while and I had started to forget about the show, until DrSpaceMan brought it up again a bit ago, so I started going through old episodes … Continue reading

Driving Backwards

Good track. Good video. Shouts to Lyriciss for sending it through. Be on the lookout for the in-depth interview we had with “The Hope”, hopefully posted very pronto.

Sonny’s DC Blues

I was on 7th, walking out of the the Verizon Center Chipotle where I had just bought a steak quesadilla (and got a ton of snickers from the people working there cause it was so small. whatever, size doesn’t matter) when I heard drumbeats from down the street. DC’s heartbeat. It was loud enough to … Continue reading

Lady & the Press

BIG PROPS go out to ill-DJ, fellow blogger & friend of the site DJ HEAT for getting some major attention in the press. Not only was she featured in the nationally distributed Hip Hop Weekly magazine, she was also the first female to ever profiled on SixShot. I’m telling you guys, there are a lot … Continue reading

La Bolsa Negra

DJ Eurok, the conscious blogger I wish I could be, also happens to be a writer for the Washington City Paper by day. He wrote a good piece the other day about the free online mixtape phenomenon. He also goes on to compare today’s blog scene in relation to hip-hop as the magazine movement in … Continue reading

Fhloston Paradise

Not gonna lie to you all, I almost didn’t listen to this mixtape. I got a couple e-mails about it, but was swamped with shit to do. I get to it just about an hour ago (I’m writing this at 2am) and take a look through the tracklisting. “Hm…”, I say to myself. Yea, well … Continue reading

‘Till the Morning Come

Yeeaaahhh. Came out a couple days ago, just getting it back together, still worth posting. Marky’s ‘Sheila’ track finally gets the Tabi-treatment. Also included: Week 2 of Marky’s WDMV Billboard mixtape. Yo, I dig the series. It’s fitting for the niche that Marky is trying to fill. Need to get dude a cap that says … Continue reading