Fhloston Paradise

Not gonna lie to you all, I almost didn’t listen to this mixtape. I got a couple e-mails about it, but was swamped with shit to do. I get to it just about an hour ago (I’m writing this at 2am) and take a look through the tracklisting. “Hm…”, I say to myself. Yea, well my fault everybody. Bad Abbot comes through very correct with this re-mixtape. I like every track on here. Perhaps a track shall be found on another upcoming mixtape as well…? Do yourself a favor: download and enjoy this goodness.

Download: Bad Abbot — The Fifth Element v.2

01 – Mykel – Crack Pusher (Only One Bad Abbot)
02 – Verbatim – Smooth Sunshine (feat. Chapter)
03 – T.O.N.E-Z – How Ya’ Like Me Now
04 – Legasey – Light the Hood
05 – Taiyamo Denku – Medicinal Wordkind (feat. Pacewon)
06 – Point Game – Yesterday
07 – D. Hall – Spicoli (On Dope)
08 – Poizun – This Is That
09 – Taiyamo Denku – When Terror Speaks (feat. Keith Murray)
10 – Wale – Good Girls (Remix)
11 – Marky – The Interview
12 – Ty Poe – New Breed (feat. D. Hall)
13 – D. Hall – Ain’t Worried (feat. Ty Poe)
14 – Point Game – Peace To The Real


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