La Bolsa Negra

DJ Eurok, the conscious blogger I wish I could be, also happens to be a writer for the Washington City Paper by day. He wrote a good piece the other day about the free online mixtape phenomenon. He also goes on to compare today’s blog scene in relation to hip-hop as the magazine movement in DC punk back in the ’80s. Como?  We’re mentioned in the Washington City Paper? We’re not worthy. I still f*&k with Fugazi though.

You can read the article here.

You can keep up with Eurok’s revolution over at UpsetTheSetup. I need to buy one of those tee’s pretty soon.

One Response to “La Bolsa Negra”
  1. and i thought being labeled a conscious rapper was bad enough! i’m glad somebody got my reference to the punk indy mags. fugazi would be proud.

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