Sonny’s DC Blues

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I was on 7th, walking out of the the Verizon Center Chipotle where I had just bought a steak quesadilla (and got a ton of snickers from the people working there cause it was so small. whatever, size doesn’t matter) when I heard drumbeats from down the street. DC’s heartbeat. It was loud enough to hear all up and down 7th and F, and as I got closer I found out it was this good sir playing his set. I stuck around till he finished and talked to him real quick. The man’s homeless, but he’s been playing the set for around 14 years. Odds are you’ve probably heard him before. “I got problems in the head, man, but I try to come out here on this corner at least every Thursday, Friday and play.” Doesn’t matter if or how much I left him, all I could think about was how he makes it past the winter. You understand the situation if you’ve ever been around Union Station after dark. When does a man stand out when he lies down?

2 Responses to “Sonny’s DC Blues”
  1. word up thats hot! there’s this other cat who i’ve seen around u street and downtown who plays on frying pans and saucers on the ground. its like go go drum and bass

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