Phonte and Zo! Live Interview

The amigo jben.ok from over at GWradio and Funkadelic Freestyles is interviewing Phonte and Zo! right now live. Phonte and Zo! dropped the the crucial 80’s mixtape this past summer, which you’ll probably remember by the badass cover art. Listen in live, and if you can’t we’ll post the podcast tomorrow (or as soon as he sends it through). 

Click here to listen live.

3 Responses to “Phonte and Zo! Live Interview”
  1. newgoldenera says:

    I miss this.

    Can I get a summary?

    I’m assuming everyone reading this knows Zo lives in the DMV, right (even though I believe he is originally from Detroit)?


    spirit equality

  2. newgoldenera says:

    lol @ my bad grammar.

    i meant, ‘i missED this’


    spirit equality

  3. jben.ok says:

    if you’re still looking for it:

    about zo!, alotta people don’t realize he lives in dc! and yes, he loves to talk about detroit, lol.

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