First off, things have been kind of slow around here for a couple reasons, most of them good ones. There are a lot of things in store in the upcoming days, beginning with a big drop tomorrow, so be sure to check back early tomorrow for an early Christmas present to you all, and check back often for some noteworthy shiiaaat. 

This post, however, is solid track from DMG artist Cayan over the Go Hard instrumental. I still stand by my earlier statements, but dude has got some potential, as does the entire DMG crew. Fernando, Robert what up?!

Download: Cayan — Go Hard Freestyle

8 Responses to “Adelante”
  1. G*Two says:

    Lol @ the government’s tho. Cayan what’s good big homie.

  2. Cayan says:

    Good look y’all!!

  3. Cayan says:

    whaddup gizzle lol.

  4. G*Two says:

    Got damn nigga. Lol.

  5. mrdylanmichael says:

    hahaha wdup gtwo. wdup cayan.

  6. wheres the new mix tape!

  7. G*Two says:

    What it do broham. Creepy simultaneous messaging right? Lol

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