DMV Mixtape: September 2008

Economy is down the shitter, weather is getting sloppy, people are getting sick left and right & Arsenal just lost (it’s a big deal for me), so the doctor ordered 1000 cc’s of DMV hip-hop (I think that’s enough to knock out a horse, or at least half a Jodeci). This month’s mixtape, brought to you again by yours truly alongside DCtoBC (what up Modi) and KNOWxONE (whats good Ges), is a meeting of some of the new kids on the come up and some DC legends you should recognize. Listen, share and feel free to give some feedback. Most of all, just listen in and enjoy the music from your area.

Download: The DMV Mixtape: September 2008

Tracklist after jump

01…The Stoop — K.Beta

02…Knowus Mayne — KOKAYI

03…Drumroll — G*Two

04…Jackin’ For Go-Go — D. Omen

05…Act Like You Know — X.O.

06…B-Town — Articulate

07…Time to Spare — Milly July

08…SuperNikeNando — NandoMcFlyy. feat. preHISTORIC

09…Overdrive — R.E.U.B.

10…Anything You Like — RAtheMC

11…No Good –NandoMcFlyy. feat. Mouse aka The Waldorf Poster Boy & A.B.

12…Blue Collar Chronicles — Lyriciss

13…I Will — Wale

14…Makin Waves — The Package (Kev Brown Remix)

15…I Got U — Third World Klick

16…Do U Kno — X.O. & Benji

10 Responses to “DMV Mixtape: September 2008”
  1. word. i can get back to work.


  2. Lyriciss says:

    oh shit!
    you got Milly July on there!
    stamp that.
    oh yeah…downloading now.
    DMV…we here.

    Peace & Hip-Hop

  3. jben.ok says:

    good looks on this, i already commented at modi’s spot, so i ain’t got much to say! lol

    lyriciss, i see you up there, i’ma return your email soon homie

  4. thanks for showing love to the package and the rest of the dmv!

    ps: that ‘mass instructions’ album by kokayi is THE TRUTH! good look including the young spitters x.o. and lyriciss as well.

    dmv love,

    spirit equality

  5. Lyriciss says:

    jben.ok, i look forward to it, joe.
    spirit equality, much love to you and The Package, always.

    Peace & Hip-Hop

  6. nikenando says:

    Shit is DOPE!!!!

  7. Articulate says:

    oh shit thanks a lot for including me on the tape…havent heard a lot of people on here but downloading now and looking forward to it!

  8. Ajani says:

    That’s what’s up. Just head this dropped. Got my man R.E.U.B. plus K-Beta and Kokayi on it so I know it’s gonna be nice.

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