I Got An Ear For The Art


I always used to say “Van Gogh” like “van go”, but a few days ago when I had to write a paper on the National Gallery, a prick sitting next to me in the library while I was writing my paper heard me talking to myself and said, “You know it’s pronounced ‘Van Goff’ ?” Aside from wanting to deck the shit out of the dude, I haven’t been able to get that out of my head. Anyways, I was reminded of that randomly when I heard the Van Gogh reference on this new track featuring Cayan & G*Two. It’s a good look for the both of them.

Download: Cayan & G*Two — The Flyest 200

4 Responses to “I Got An Ear For The Art”
  1. G*Two says:

    I feel quite accomplished that one of my lines was used as the title… That feeling was quickly dismissed once i read further and was schooled by the powers that be on the pronunciation lol. Good look!

  2. G*Two says:

    And it’s flyest 2008. Now i’m off to try to rhyme something with “van goff” lmao. ‘One Man Army’ mixtape on the way.

  3. mrdylanmichael says:

    lmao nah thats not it at all. i wasn’t trying to school anybody, just speaking my mind. it could very well by “van go” as far as i’m concerned.

    cough is as far as i get. that’s why i don’t spit hot fiyah.

  4. fuck what that nigga said, it’s van go..with his wikipedia swag.

    my niggas went in.


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