On A Serious Note

I don’t usually push anything on anybody, as in force them to do anything, but in this case I’m going to need the efforts of everybody. NCAA basketball ’09 is holding a vote to see who they will add in to a 64-team tournament of “Greatest of All-Time” and they’re looking to add the best … Continue reading

DC United Actually.

The homie Nando. shot over this freestyle something like a week ago. It was suppose to be for the mixtape, but despite being crack, it just didn’t fit with the rest of the mixtape. DMG making big moves out here. And on top of that, be on the look out for the upcoming “Project Mayhem” … Continue reading

I Left Awhile Ago

Been listening to dude’s music for a while. It’s not hip-hop, and this track he sent through is far from the Yeezy remix he’s pretty much famous for, but it’s still a good listen. Actually, that’s one of my biggest issues with hip-hop, or at least most hip-hop fans in general: a lot of us … Continue reading