I Left Awhile Ago

Been listening to dude’s music for a while. It’s not hip-hop, and this track he sent through is far from the Yeezy remix he’s pretty much famous for, but it’s still a good listen. Actually, that’s one of my biggest issues with hip-hop, or at least most hip-hop fans in general: a lot of us are so closed-minded. Listening to anything outside the realm of what’s traditionally considered hip-hop automatically gets the “wack as fuck” stamp, completely ignoring that fact that hip-hop was built on top of samples of tracks outside the genre. The greatest of producers find dig through crates to find samples nobody else would listen to and flip it. Shit, even Michael McDonald’s Bee-Gee looking-ass has been sampled.

Download: Colin Munroe — Will I Stay

[Throwback DL]: Warren G feat. Nate Dogg — Regulators

video after jump


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