Dat New New

Some new Whale Wale. The first is a track by LCD featuring Southeast Slim & Wale, a pretty nice track that grew on me the more I listened to it. The next is a “leak” off of the “upcoming” WalexLRGx9th Wonder mixtape featuring yet again, Skyzoo (not that I’m complaining). Wale-Skyzoo Track Rankings so far:

  1. The Hacksaw Jim Duggan
  2. Lyrically Inclined
  3. ?
  4. 5 minutes

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad track by any means, and the sample is, yet again, crucial (same one off ‘Back in the Go-Go’), but I feel if you have Wale AND Skyzoo, it has to be something vicious. There something that can be better, and as far as the count is going it seems like Wale owes Sky a feature on one of his tracks. Shouts to Plug ENT.

Download: LCD feat. Southeast Slim & Wale — Turn It Up (remix)

Download: Wale feat. Skyzoo — 5 Minutes

hit the j for information on this Wednesdays “Nike Boots” video shoot.

One Response to “Dat New New”
  1. newgoldenera says:

    that video shoot should be pretty dope. i’ma be out there, hopefully with the rest of the pkg fam in tow.

    – spirit

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