Haven’t watched this just quite yet, but if something has a good enough reputation, I’ll feel free to post blindly. IF, upon watching later, this turns out to be wack, it shall be retracted. Scouts honor.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

3 Responses to “TKBS on SOTL”
  1. newgoldenera says:

    it’s pretty dope.

    bilal is an all-around entertainer–hell of a singer and he gives it 110% on stage.

    kenny is pretty hysterical here throughout.

    – spirit

  2. newgoldenera says:

    oh yeah…and bijou style looks like she was gonna give mick boogie a stern talking to for that slick move he tried to pull. they had to cut the camera off before it got ugly. i can’t tell if they knew each other and mick was playing or if mick violated. it looked like the latter.

    – spirit

  3. newgoldenera says:

    bijou star? bijou style?

    i think i ruined her name.

    – spirit

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