Bandwagon Nearly Full

Yea ok it could be the music snob in me rearing its doped out skull, but I’m not sure how I feel about this run-up on the late train with M.I.A. She’s been hot for a while, but for some reason she’s only starting to catch on in the mainstream-underground hip-hop world. Yes, that ‘Paper Planes’ beat was bonkers, but why weren’t you jumping on it back when it first came out instead of now, after its been beat like a $5 hooker out in West Baltimore (yea, I’m looking at you Pineapple Express). Now, with Hov jumping on the ‘Boyz’ beat, which I might add Wale jumped on pretty early, I’d put money on more freestyles over the beat in the coming days.

Now don’t get me wrong, if the beat is hot, it’s hot. You feel it, jump on it. What I’m saying is, open your ears. Don’t let internet buzz become TRL (RIP).

Download: M.I.A. — Hit That (prod. by Bangladesh)

Download: Busy Signal feat. Rye Rye & M.I.A. — Tic Toc (Remix)

3 Responses to “Bandwagon Nearly Full”
  1. lazypen says:

    It annoys me too, before Pineapple Express only hipsters and internet heads listened or knew who M.I.A. was. I heard ‘Paper Planes’ on WPGC or or WKYS the other day, something that wouldnt have happened before it got mainstream cred.

  2. Cam J__ says:

    Talent is talent. And the rest of the world outside of the us is taking over. MIA just happens to be the rakim/biggie/whatever other traiblazer you want to name of whatever her genre is. Does this kind of signal that the trendsetters aren’t mainly in hip hop anymore? I’m just glad she’s getting a lot of exposure. And getting paid of that swagger like us sample. People laugh when I say this but I think she might be the illest out. Who else is coming up cadences like that? They really do sound like they’re coming from somewhere tucked away in the south pacific. And when they come together with those beats?!?!? Those drums on boyz?!?!?! come on. I enjoy hearing paper planes in the club. when the dj mixes out of swagger like us into the ‘swagger like us’ in paper planes cats get down. I write way too much for no good reason.

  3. mrdylanmichael says:

    i actually thought to myself “i bet cam is gonna have something to say about MIA” while I was writing that.

    MIA’s thing though is that you can’t peg her in any specific genre really. I feel like she is based in hip hop, but doesn’t “fit” in a hiphop crowd. And I think its backwards: instead of the world catching on to the US, its the US starting to catch up with the world. I mean, Paper Planes definitely sounds international, but its produced by Diplo, dude from Philly.

    and yea lazypen, i heard that too the other day on the radio, with an “exclusive new shit” prefix. I’d still rather hear a year-old MIA track than another f***ing Ray J one.

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