First Issue is Free, Baby!!!

I’d love to take credit for the re-emergence of Terrible Terry Tate from the post we randomly put up a couple days ago (or weeks? It all blurs together), but it doesn’t matter. He’s back, and he’s spreading the truth. What seems at first to be Palin explaining what newspaper she pretends to read turns out to be a Tate voting advocacy ad. For those that don’t catch what he says as he interrupts Palin mid-bullshit, here’s a transcript:

Palin: “…believe me, Alaska is like a microcosm of America..”

[Enter Tate]

TTT: “How’s that for ‘Drill, baby, Drill’? You just subscribed to Terry’s Journal of Pain, and the first issue is free, baby! Wooooo!!…..Hey Katie.”

Added bonus: Couric’s look at about the :35 mark that says, “Wow, she can’t even answer a softball question like what newspaper do you read.” or, “this bitch…”. Either/or really.

Watch more at


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