Dollar-Menu Millionaire

Yup, still working on these papers. Still, you can’t help but to procrastinate just a bit here and there. Jeebus, somebody needs to get me some adderall STAT. I caught wind of this video though while I was surfing the internets during some -cough- research -cough- and looked like an idiot in the library couldn’t stop laughing . Mr. Chi-city got bumped up to $7.63/hour and decides to splurge a bit…by buying everything on the dollar menu. Key quote:

McDonald’s Talking Box: You want everything on the dollar menu??!? AAAWWWWW SNAP.

Blissfully ignorant.
Next late night, I’m going to McDonalds.

Added Bonus: New Tabi Bonney 2 minute snippet off his upcoming album, Dope, courtesy of Funkadelic Freestyles. Remember remember, the 4th of November.

Download: Tabi Bonney — Go Hard | zshare

2 Responses to “Dollar-Menu Millionaire”
  1. PHZ-Sicks says:

    I saw this joint on G4. Joint is mad hilarious. Makes me want to ball out of control like that.

  2. jben.ok says:

    this shit is GREEEEEAT.
    that’s right, remember remember!

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