Diggin Our Own Graves

For those of you that downloaded the last edition of DMV mixtape, you’ve already got a track with this lady’s stamp on it, and if you would go back and listen to it, you’d see why I’m a big fan of her’s. Milly July might be the most slept on artist in the DMV, which is like being the quietest kid in the mute class, which needs to change considering she is one of the dopest lyricists I’ve heard lately, DMV & non. She twists deeply introspective observations with ethereal imagery and comes out sounding like she’s just having a good time in front of a mic. Stop sleeping on her before somebody else tells you to listen to her.

Her new mixtape, Sneaker Chamber, comes out soon and you can be damn sure you can find it here.

Download: Milly July — No Shame

Previous DL: Milly July — Time to Spare

5 Responses to “Diggin Our Own Graves”
  1. Lyriciss says:

    what’s weird is i was on her MySpace page today too.
    i’ve been a fan of her music, but of all days to have a blog posted on her, it would be the day i hit her MySpizzle up again lol

  2. mrdylanmichael says:

    and on some even crazier twilight zone type ish…i was on her myspace too and I saw a comment you left on her page.

    woah, i should’ve taken the blue pill.

  3. streetetiquette says:

    milly july! im a fan, nah seriously thats my home girl

  4. mike lyrike says:

    datpiff.com search “Rated R”

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