A Moment in History

8 Responses to “A Moment in History”
  1. newgoldenera says:

    it’s a new golden era


  2. PHZ-Sicks says:

    Crazy night. Always will be remembered

  3. G*Two says:

    Me standing on the couch at approximately 00:23

  4. PHZ-Sicks says:

    G, you’re always standing on stuff. Couches, tables, your car, etc.

  5. R.E.U.B. says:

    They ain’t fight back then for us to bullshit now!!! classic line

    Naw, but that night was amazing for the whole world! People on other continents were in tears because of how far we have come!

  6. DDO says:

    more videos @ DDotOmen.com

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