Out to Lunch

Damn I let it all pile up and now I have to jam a lot of work in to a just a little window of time. Midterms, papers, articles, events, reviews, projects — it’s all on my plate right now and I gotta eat it up. So in the meantime, I’ll leave you with some … Continue reading

Top 5: The Hype Man

If there were any single piece of advice to quick success, it would be to take the simplest task and to do it better than anybody else(see: Twitter). Hip-hop itself started in a house party out in Brooklyn the Bronx some time ago with just a DJ rocking a party. Then the DJ said to himself, … Continue reading

SOTL x Lyriciss [interview]

We here at SOTL pride ourselves on building relationships with the artists outside of a gmail inbox and a zshare link. One of the artists we’ve come to know well is co-resident Robert Bailey, best known as Lyriciss. Ask any of the people making moves from around the area and they’ll tell you, this guy … Continue reading

I Left Awhile Ago

Been listening to dude’s music for a while. It’s not hip-hop, and this track he sent through is far from the Yeezy remix he’s pretty much famous for, but it’s still a good listen. Actually, that’s one of my biggest issues with hip-hop, or at least most hip-hop fans in general: a lot of us … Continue reading

This Is Why I Love Futbol

PLEASE, anybody tell me in what other sport this could possibly happen? Cricket? Basketball?  In short, some officers decided to introduce a fan on the field to their nightsticks, which upon seeing the crowd unanimously decides to politely ask them to stop. UPSET THE SETUP (kinda, right eurok?)

I Do It For The Kids

I go to college. I have a laptop. Videos like these are how a lot of time is passed.  This is the work of some of the most creative but perverted minds out there. I wonder how many hours of Sesame Street they sat through to find the perfect clips.

[Underappreciated] Craig Robinson

See that guy up there in that video? He may be one of the most underappreciated comedians in Hollywood. Somebody needs to get him headlining role in a movie. Eddie Murphy : 80’s :: Craig Robinson : 2000’s Bold. I know. He might not be the most recgonizable talent right now, but its damn sure … Continue reading

43 KB in LA

Studio 43 head honcho Kenny Burns drops an episode of the aptly titled “Kenny Burns Show” from LA. Features some cameos from some people you know and others that you should know. Not too big on the Heineken though (YEAH!). Gimme a Corona with a lime and we’re good. Or Yuengling. Still take take some … Continue reading

Just So We Don’t Have Any Secrets Between Us

It might not have the greatest support in the US, but soccer’s kinda my thing, and in support of my Gunner’s, I’ll try to stream all their matches that I can. Why? It’s free, don’t complain (video above is last weeks winner against West Brom, 1-0).

DMV Mixtape: August 2008

It took us a little while to narrow it all down and to finalize the artwork, but the August edition of the monthly DMV mixtape series is here and its gonna blow up. The last edition got a lot of love and we’re back again to showcase our homegrown talent. Huge shouts to my cohorts, … Continue reading