A Moment in History


Out to Lunch

Damn I let it all pile up and now I have to jam a lot of work in to a just a little window of time. Midterms, papers, articles, events, reviews, projects — it’s all on my plate right now and I gotta eat it up. So in the meantime, I’ll leave you with some … Continue reading

SOTL x Lyriciss [interview]

We here at SOTL pride ourselves on building relationships with the artists outside of a gmail inbox and a zshare link. One of the artists we’ve come to know well is co-resident Robert Bailey, best known as Lyriciss. Ask any of the people making moves from around the area and they’ll tell you, this guy … Continue reading

Sonny’s DC Blues

I was on 7th, walking out of the the Verizon Center Chipotle where I had just bought a steak quesadilla (and got a ton of snickers from the people working there cause it was so small. whatever, size doesn’t matter) when I heard drumbeats from down the street. DC’s heartbeat. It was loud enough to … Continue reading

La Bolsa Negra

DJ Eurok, the conscious blogger I wish I could be, also happens to be a writer for the Washington City Paper by day. He wrote a good piece the other day about the free online mixtape phenomenon. He also goes on to compare today’s blog scene in relation to hip-hop as the magazine movement in … Continue reading

For Nerds & Kids Only

This could be the the reason why video cameras, toys & YouTube were all ever invented. My new best friend is youtube user ib13.

SOTL x NandoMcFlyy.

I recently had a chance to have a talk with upcoming DMV artist NandoMcFlyy. His next mixtape, “SNES” is set to drop next month. You can get his last one, “TheCarryOut” over in our mixtape section. StartOfTheLine: How you doing man? What’ve you been up to lately? NandoMcFlyy.: Working hard to be one of the … Continue reading