A Moment in History


OTHER SiDe [party!!!]

Dope event put on tonight by our man DJ CamJus along with Underdog the DJ. If you’re in to going to a club and NOT just posting up and nodding your head, then this event is for you. Even more importantly, if you’re in to going to a club and NOT paying to get in, … Continue reading

The Main Event

CLARITY:: IF YOU’RE IN LINE WAITING TO VOTE BY THE TIME POLLS CLOSE, YOU’RE STILL ALLOWED TO VOTE. JUST BE IN LINE BEFORE 7!!! So the voting stations are closing here in VA in about 2.5 hours, and when I went to vote earlier the lines were about an hour long, so I think its … Continue reading

Drink A Chair

I only post videos with something extra *special*. Turn up the volume and wait for it…..wait for it…..bellisimo.

Dollar-Menu Millionaire

Yup, still working on these papers. Still, you can’t help but to procrastinate just a bit here and there. Jeebus, somebody needs to get me some adderall STAT. I caught wind of this video though while I was surfing the internets during some -cough- research -cough- and looked like an idiot in the library couldn’t … Continue reading

Out to Lunch

Damn I let it all pile up and now I have to jam a lot of work in to a just a little window of time. Midterms, papers, articles, events, reviews, projects — it’s all on my plate right now and I gotta eat it up. So in the meantime, I’ll leave you with some … Continue reading

I Am The Real Deal

Nando comes through with this jam for ladies. It premiered on the always dope Funkadelic Freestyles a couple days ago & now Nando’s gone and let it out for all to enjoy. The track is off of the upcoming “Project Mayhem”, which I promise will be worth the wait. Production credit goes to Best Kept … Continue reading

Top 5: The Hype Man

If there were any single piece of advice to quick success, it would be to take the simplest task and to do it better than anybody else(see: Twitter). Hip-hop itself started in a house party out in Brooklyn the Bronx some time ago with just a DJ rocking a party. Then the DJ said to himself, … Continue reading

First Issue is Free, Baby!!!

I’d love to take credit for the re-emergence of Terrible Terry Tate from the post we randomly put up a couple days ago (or weeks? It all blurs together), but it doesn’t matter. He’s back, and he’s spreading the truth. What seems at first to be Palin explaining what newspaper she pretends to read turns … Continue reading