First Issue is Free, Baby!!!

I’d love to take credit for the re-emergence of Terrible Terry Tate from the post we randomly put up a couple days ago (or weeks? It all blurs together), but it doesn’t matter. He’s back, and he’s spreading the truth. What seems at first to be Palin explaining what newspaper she pretends to read turns … Continue reading

Will “THE PACKAGE” Please Rise…

Maybe…no it is, so far my favorite video coming from a DMV-based act. Yea, that W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E. video was cool and all, but this shit right here…this shit right…right here…this shit is def. Dope, cool, smooth, call it whatever you want, I love it. I’ve been waiting a long time to see The Package‘s “Making Waves” … Continue reading

Laugh My F A O

First heard of this LA duo off of Benzi/Mick Boogie’s earlier Motivation mixtape where they had one of my favorite tracks. They a couple other good tracks since then, but this remix to Kwest’s ‘Love Lockdown’ is hands-down my favorite one so far. Keep an eye on them, cause if they keep bringing bangers like … Continue reading

Bandwagon Nearly Full

Yea ok it could be the music snob in me rearing its doped out skull, but I’m not sure how I feel about this run-up on the late train with M.I.A. She’s been hot for a while, but for some reason she’s only starting to catch on in the mainstream-underground hip-hop world. Yes, that ‘Paper … Continue reading


Haven’t watched this just quite yet, but if something has a good enough reputation, I’ll feel free to post blindly. IF, upon watching later, this turns out to be wack, it shall be retracted. Scouts honor.

Dat New New

Some new Whale Wale. The first is a track by LCD featuring Southeast Slim & Wale, a pretty nice track that grew on me the more I listened to it. The next is a “leak” off of the “upcoming” WalexLRGx9th Wonder mixtape featuring yet again, Skyzoo (not that I’m complaining). Wale-Skyzoo Track Rankings so far: … Continue reading

SOTL x Lyriciss [interview]

We here at SOTL pride ourselves on building relationships with the artists outside of a gmail inbox and a zshare link. One of the artists we’ve come to know well is co-resident Robert Bailey, best known as Lyriciss. Ask any of the people making moves from around the area and they’ll tell you, this guy … Continue reading

I Still Love I.T.

I think I just remembered why I love hip-hop.

On A Serious Note

I don’t usually push anything on anybody, as in force them to do anything, but in this case I’m going to need the efforts of everybody. NCAA basketball ’09 is holding a vote to see who they will add in to a 64-team tournament of “Greatest of All-Time” and they’re looking to add the best … Continue reading

DC United Actually.

The homie Nando. shot over this freestyle something like a week ago. It was suppose to be for the mixtape, but despite being crack, it just didn’t fit with the rest of the mixtape. DMG making big moves out here. And on top of that, be on the look out for the upcoming “Project Mayhem” … Continue reading