A Moment in History


I Ain’t Dancin Like A Fool

If you were at last week’s epic Beatdown, which I regretfully couldn’t make (my fault Overok), you probably saw AP in performance. Dre the Mayor sent some footage a while back of AP’s feature on Rap City’s Spit Yo Game (which rumor says is cancelled), but the link went dead real quick, so he just … Continue reading

Clear Your Schedules for the 25th

Inner Loop is celebrating their paper anniversary and because their Beatdown events are always on point, they decided to make this month’s event at Club Felix something of a DMV hip-hop mecca if you will. Overok, thank jeebus, already link’d it all up already in the e-mail he sent out, so I’ll just put some … Continue reading


I had a couple issues come up lately thats held me up *cough*youbitch*cough, but now I’m back and lighter than ever. Here’s a couple tracks that could/should get their own post, but instead of look like I’m being way more efficient than I really am, I compiled them all into this nice little post. Hit … Continue reading


Ahh I’ve got so many tracks that I want to post that I don’t know where to start. Fuck it [we’ll do it live], this is a good place to start. AP, young dude out of DC, really on the come up by the looks of these tracks my man Dre the Mayor sent through. … Continue reading