CNTHxKNOWXONE : Knowxone’s Business Mixtape

My man Ges gave me sneek peek at the tracks on this mixtape a couple days ago and he had me sold. A couple well-known tracks, some below the radar, others exclusive, ALL choice picks. Mixed by ITF World Champions Nocturnal Sound Krew, the mixtape rounds out just under 50-minutes. Oh yes, this mixtape actually … Continue reading


The follow up to the early ’08 release “Motivation” has finally dropped after taking f-cking FOREVER (which is explained by the ridiculously long tracklist, after the jump) . Right now I’m somewhere between EPMD and Thundercatz and so far it has all been some great music, a crucial mix between hip-hop and club music (just … Continue reading

VA is for [coke] Lovers

Meant to post this wayy earlier, but I dunno how it slipped through the cracks. It’s the first video off of the Clipse’s new album for their track that we posted a while back, Fast Life. You coke-flow faithful may have noticed that it sounds different than their usual stuff, which makes sense since this … Continue reading

What Up Seven Cities

For some reason, there are a couple that people don’t feel including the Seven Cities down in Southern VA. To them I say: Clipse. This new track, rumored to be the first off the upcoming Re-Up Gang album,┬áisn’t exactly what you’ve come to expect from the cocaina spitters (it’s all Storch’d up), but Malice and … Continue reading