I Got An Ear For The Art

  I always used to say “Van Gogh” like “van go”, but a few days ago when I had to write a paper on the National Gallery, a prick sitting next to me in the library while I was writing my paper heard me talking to myself and said, “You know it’s pronounced ‘Van Goff’ … Continue reading

DMV Mixtape: September 2008

Economy is down the shitter, weather is getting sloppy, people are getting sick left and right & Arsenal just lost (it’s a big deal for me), so the doctor ordered 1000 cc’s of DMV hip-hop (I think that’s enough to knock out a horse, or at least half a Jodeci). This month’s mixtape, brought to … Continue reading


I had a couple issues come up lately thats held me up *cough*youbitch*cough, but now I’m back and lighter than ever. Here’s a couple tracks that could/should get their own post, but instead of look like I’m being way more efficient than I really am, I compiled them all into this nice little post. Hit … Continue reading

Spurrier Was A Champion

Personally, I’m not too voyeuristic when it comes to Arizona teas. I see the lemon iced tea, I grab it, I pay the man $1.04 and I drink. But far be it for me to say who should drink what and to what lengths they should go to get some. The homie D. Omen hit … Continue reading

DMV Mixtape: August 2008

It took us a little while to narrow it all down and to finalize the artwork, but the August edition of the monthly DMV mixtape series is here and its gonna blow up. The last edition got a lot of love and we’re back again to showcase our homegrown talent. Huge shouts to my cohorts, … Continue reading