A Moment in History


Clear Your Schedules for the 25th

Inner Loop is celebrating their paper anniversary and because their Beatdown events are always on point, they decided to make this month’s event at Club Felix something of a DMV hip-hop mecca if you will. Overok, thank jeebus, already link’d it all up already in the e-mail he sent out, so I’ll just put some … Continue reading

Strange Music Presents…

Wow I just finished my first run through of the mixtape and its near the top of my list as one of the best mixtapes I’ve heard out of the area as of late, from concept (which reminds me of something…or better nothing) to production (Judah what up) to MC. With features from Kid Cudi, … Continue reading

[update]Goadome Talk Presents:

The homie Major over at Goadome Talk sent over this mixtape featuring a whole rack of DMV spitters. Like I said before, today is a good day. We Put On for our city. Better download link now up. Download: Part 1 & 2 together Download: Part 1 Download: Part 2 Tracklisting after jump.

Hola Theo

The Son of Providence[R.I.] comes through in the clutch and drops his long anticipated mixtape, The Birth. I already got my all the way through listen in and as expected it gets our major co-sign. Plus, the DMV’s own Judah gets some serious production credit for the opening track. Hit up okayplayer to leave some … Continue reading

Sick So I Got a Trife Demeanor

New freestyle off NandoMcFlyy.’s much-hyped upcoming mixtape. I’m really feeling this beat & flow. NandoMcFlyy. — Miscommunication Freestyle **Exclusive listen** NandoMcFlyy. — Opposition (Produced by Judah) Who is he talking about? I wonder…

Quick Game of Catch Up

We’ve been getting some traffic from some fresh fish, just catching on to this DMV thing and asking who is who. Bienvenidos to the show. Follow along… Wale’s next mixtape, which was originally slated to drop sometime in the zip code of March, is now set to be released sometime in May; XO’s next cut, … Continue reading

You Should Hear: NandoMcFlyy.

Another youngin from the Studio 43 camp, NandoMcFlyy. (2 y’s, no spaces and a period at the end, make sure) is worth a listen. His earlier mixtapes were more of a run-of-the-mill gangsta kind of stuff, released under the alias Brandon Streetz while he was at smaller boutique label. Once he split with them and … Continue reading