CNTHxKNOWXONE : Knowxone’s Business Mixtape

My man Ges gave me sneek peek at the tracks on this mixtape a couple days ago and he had me sold. A couple well-known tracks, some below the radar, others exclusive, ALL choice picks. Mixed by ITF World Champions Nocturnal Sound Krew, the mixtape rounds out just under 50-minutes. Oh yes, this mixtape actually … Continue reading

Hey Now(Hey Now)

You need this in your life. Some Mad Decent is always a good thing, and this mixtape gets real mad. Diplo & Santogold get together and put out this 75-minute, 35-track joint and its nuts. Its got features from people ranging from Mark Ronson, M.I.A. and Movado to Kid Cudi, Three 6 Mafia and Amanda … Continue reading

Ra Ra Ra

I got this track in my inbox from a couple people a few days ago but I was a kind of busy and wasn’t able to update the blog. Judah sent it over today though, along with the official notice that Ra the MC is the first artist signed to his Strange Music Label. Judah … Continue reading

10Deep K.i.D.’s

Off CuDi’s upcoming mixtape. It’s a slow jam that sounds like it belongs somewhere at the beginning of the mixtape. I’ll hold off on my opinion till the whole mixtape drops, just so she doesn’t bite my head off again. K.i.D. CuDi feat. Wale — Is There Any Love? [h.e.r.]

Embrace the Martian

New track from Mr. Dontgivetwoshitswhatyouthink. Kid Cudi is definitely keeping true to his own sound, which seems like pretty much whatever he feels like. Whether you like him or not you gotta give him props for doing his own thing. This track is dangerously close to knocking me over on to a side of the … Continue reading

Some Rando’s

Babies try to be all cute and shit, but I don’t fall for it. My momma always told me not to trust anybody that spends their days sleeping, eating & pooping. Redd Eyezz feat. Bun B & Rick Ross — Dope Boy Dreamz Not a bad track. The synth and bass remind me of some … Continue reading

You Should Hear: FMF Tuesday

The full-version of “The Crazy” dropped yesterday and I’d like to think we had something to do with “forcing” the whole thing to come out but who gives a shit cause it’s a dope track and we all get it now. Along with a couple other Wale’s, check out remixes to a couple tracks we … Continue reading

On The Fence — Updated, but Still

I still haven’t made up my mind about Kid Cudi. Part of me thinks he might be just part of the hipster fad and building himself off of his one internet “hit” (can we call it a hit yet?) Another part of me thinks that he might just make good sounding music, the type you … Continue reading

YSH: One New, All Good

Yesterday was a pretty good day. We got our copy of Southeast Slim’s “That Dope” in the mail (the dude is on his serious grind getting those out) and checking the gmail we got this track from NandoMcFlyy. I’m not lying when I say this is one of THE chillest tracks I’ve heard in a … Continue reading