DMV to R.I.

I’ve been waiting a while to get this track since Lyriciss told me it was in the works a while back, and finally its here. Lyriciss teams up with the Son of Providence and…well, I’ll let Lyriciss explain: No real story for this one. I’m a fan of the homie Theo, so after we were … Continue reading

SOTL x Lyriciss [interview]

We here at SOTL pride ourselves on building relationships with the artists outside of a gmail inbox and a zshare link. One of the artists we’ve come to know well is co-resident Robert Bailey, best known as Lyriciss. Ask any of the people making moves from around the area and they’ll tell you, this guy … Continue reading

DMV Mixtape: September 2008

Economy is down the shitter, weather is getting sloppy, people are getting sick left and right & Arsenal just lost (it’s a big deal for me), so the doctor ordered 1000 cc’s of DMV hip-hop (I think that’s enough to knock out a horse, or at least half a Jodeci). This month’s mixtape, brought to … Continue reading


I had a couple issues come up lately thats held me up *cough*youbitch*cough, but now I’m back and lighter than ever. Here’s a couple tracks that could/should get their own post, but instead of look like I’m being way more efficient than I really am, I compiled them all into this nice little post. Hit … Continue reading

DMV Mixtape: August 2008

It took us a little while to narrow it all down and to finalize the artwork, but the August edition of the monthly DMV mixtape series is here and its gonna blow up. The last edition got a lot of love and we’re back again to showcase our homegrown talent. Huge shouts to my cohorts, … Continue reading


Damn I’m blown. It’s about 5 in the morning and I just finished working on the cover art for this month’s mixtape. Luckily, nobody really sleeps around these parts and the homie Lyriciss threw over this track featuring himself and RatheMC. The track deserves more than just this little write up, so I’ll try and … Continue reading

[update]Goadome Talk Presents:

The homie Major over at Goadome Talk sent over this mixtape featuring a whole rack of DMV spitters. Like I said before, today is a good day. We Put On for our city. Better download link now up. Download: Part 1 & 2 together Download: Part 1 Download: Part 2 Tracklisting after jump.

I Feel Sick

I’m finally feel like I’m waking up after a ridiculous weekend, which included but is not limited to: Literally getting kicked out of my lady friends car Having to accept an apology from lady friend the next day Being smacked in the face with paint by my mother The Best Game of Beer Pong The … Continue reading

Lyriciss [Freestyle]

If you’re up in NYC this weekend, you can catch the homie Lyriciss and a couple other DMV reppers perform at the Grungecake Crisis mag House Party. Before heading up to DC he shot this freestyle over that he spat while under the spell of a certain russian. Lyriciss: I’m not an alcoholic…but liquor is … Continue reading

Keys 2 the City

The homie Lyriciss is out on his grind yet again, this time in the form of a show at Mirrors this Saturday, hot after his new mixtape dropped (remember?). This event has a pretty dope local line-up, but it might mark the first time for me where I’ve seen a “Grown&Sexy” dress code & moet … Continue reading