A Moment in History


CNTHxKNOWXONE : Knowxone’s Business Mixtape

My man Ges gave me sneek peek at the tracks on this mixtape a couple days ago and he had me sold. A couple well-known tracks, some below the radar, others exclusive, ALL choice picks. Mixed by ITF World Champions Nocturnal Sound Krew, the mixtape rounds out just under 50-minutes. Oh yes, this mixtape actually … Continue reading


You know that guy at parties who is just so intense you can’t help but laugh at the stuff he does? The one that will beat you in flip cup and instantly lift his shirt and point at his nipple (or his tatoo, debatable)? Yeah, KB is that guy. Ricky Parker sends through this 5th installment … Continue reading


The follow up to the early ’08 release “Motivation” has finally dropped after taking f-cking FOREVER (which is explained by the ridiculously long tracklist, after the jump) . Right now I’m somewhere between EPMD and Thundercatz and so far it has all been some great music, a crucial mix between hip-hop and club music (just … Continue reading

We Know.

Wale comes very correct with this new track, addressing the love he’s been receiving OUTSIDE of the DMV and the hate within. He also touches on the Marky “situation”, which if it wasn’t dead before, it definitely is now. Download: Wale — I Will [f.f.]

‘Till the Morning Come

Yeeaaahhh. Came out a couple days ago, just getting it back together, still worth posting. Marky’s ‘Sheila’ track finally gets the Tabi-treatment. Also included: Week 2 of Marky’s WDMV Billboard mixtape. Yo, I dig the series. It’s fitting for the niche that Marky is trying to fill. Need to get dude a cap that says … Continue reading

The Commisioner Re-visits

RParker comes through with Marky’s next project with Mick Boogie, The Drive-Thru. Click. Download. Play. Download: Marky — The Drive-Thru Mixtape

Spurrier Was A Champion

Personally, I’m not too voyeuristic when it comes to Arizona teas. I see the lemon iced tea, I grab it, I pay the man $1.04 and I drink. But far be it for me to say who should drink what and to what lengths they should go to get some. The homie D. Omen hit … Continue reading


Here’s a new mixtape from DC’s Cayan. This mixtape boasts some dope home-grown production, mostly split between P-eZY, Sinitus Tempo & A.B. the Producer. Really feelin the production on this one. Give credit to Cayan too for dropping some nice wordplay on most of the tracks. If some of these tracks were put out as … Continue reading

Hate is the New Love

Marky drops a commercial for his freshman album on SRC/Universal. By the way, is SRC still with Universal? I remember hearing something about Rifkin leaving and taking his artists with him. I stopped following that story so can anybody clue me in? **update** Parker just shot me over two new Marky remixes not 2 minutes … Continue reading