Hate is the New Love

Marky drops a commercial for his freshman album on SRC/Universal. By the way, is SRC still with Universal? I remember hearing something about Rifkin leaving and taking his artists with him. I stopped following that story so can anybody clue me in? **update** Parker just shot me over two new Marky remixes not 2 minutes … Continue reading

[update]Goadome Talk Presents:

The homie Major over at Goadome Talk sent over this mixtape featuring a whole rack of DMV spitters. Like I said before, today is a good day. We Put On for our city. Better download link now up. Download: Part 1 & 2 together Download: Part 1 Download: Part 2 Tracklisting after jump.

Vote DMV Artists

I got a letter about registering to vote, which everybody on here over 18 should be doing this November. In the meantime, practice your voting skills by supporting a DMV artist nominated for a UMA award. Voting closes the 31st, so get to clicking. Vote Here UPDATE: My man over at GoadomeTalk put me on … Continue reading

I’m a Super-Size

Nah not really. But here’s some DMV goodness from our own soul-spitter (courtesy of Mr. In High Demand himself) one of them featuring the lovely Robyn Janelle from up in MD. That Customer remix is gonna be everywhere, and dudes across the area are gonna be getting into that fast-food mentality of spitting game. Drive … Continue reading

You Should Hear: Marky

Upcoming rapper out of the Studio 43 camp, Marky is a DC kid with strong flow and decent rhythm. Some of his songs don’t really get my attention, but others, like You and Me which samples No Doubt (yea, the OC Gwen Stefani band) and his almost-too-cliche Thug Passion, are on rotation on my ipod. … Continue reading