Laugh My F A O

First heard of this LA duo off of Benzi/Mick Boogie’s earlier Motivation mixtape where they had one of my favorite tracks. They a couple other good tracks since then, but this remix to Kwest’s ‘Love Lockdown’ is hands-down my favorite one so far. Keep an eye on them, cause if they keep bringing bangers like … Continue reading

SONIC boom

Santo Angelo sent this through a couple days ago. Its supposed to be a kind of bonus track to Theo’s very dope “The Birth” mixtape. Solid track to throw in to the mix this weekend at the fiesta. Download: Theo X Foals — Electric Boom (SantoAngelo remix)


Dope cut. Lupe, Wale & Kardinal all go in over a remix cut of Pete Rocks & CL Smooth’s classic beat. Been slacking on the blogging lately, but don’t worry its not for nothing though. Good track to get back on though. Download: Lupe Fiasco, Wale & Kardinall Offishal — Dope Boys remix [standard]

Hate is the New Love

Marky drops a commercial for his freshman album on SRC/Universal. By the way, is SRC still with Universal? I remember hearing something about Rifkin leaving and taking his artists with him. I stopped following that story so can anybody clue me in? **update** Parker just shot me over two new Marky remixes not 2 minutes … Continue reading


That American Boy track has been everywhere lately and I doubt it’s gonna go away for a while. I posted it a bit ago down there along with a couple remixes. DMV DJ’s Dave Nada and Matt Nordstrom who’ve both been pretty successful on their own have put out a remix together under their Nadastrom … Continue reading