A Moment in History



Haven’t watched this just quite yet, but if something has a good enough reputation, I’ll feel free to post blindly. IF, upon watching later, this turns out to be wack, it shall be retracted. Scouts honor.


You know that guy at parties who is just so intense you can’t help but laugh at the stuff he does? The one that will beat you in flip cup and instantly lift his shirt and point at his nipple (or his tatoo, debatable)? Yeah, KB is that guy. Ricky Parker sends through this 5th installment … Continue reading


The follow up to the early ’08 release “Motivation” has finally dropped after taking f-cking FOREVER (which is explained by the ridiculously long tracklist, after the jump) . Right now I’m somewhere between EPMD and Thundercatz and so far it has all been some great music, a crucial mix between hip-hop and club music (just … Continue reading

‘Till the Morning Come

Yeeaaahhh. Came out a couple days ago, just getting it back together, still worth posting. Marky’s ‘Sheila’ track finally gets the Tabi-treatment. Also included: Week 2 of Marky’s WDMV Billboard mixtape. Yo, I dig the series. It’s fitting for the niche that Marky is trying to fill. Need to get dude a cap that says … Continue reading

The Commisioner Re-visits

RParker comes through with Marky’s next project with Mick Boogie, The Drive-Thru. Click. Download. Play. Download: Marky — The Drive-Thru Mixtape

43 KB in LA

Studio 43 head honcho Kenny Burns drops an episode of the aptly titled “Kenny Burns Show” from LA. Features some cameos from some people you know and others that you should know. Not too big on the Heineken though (YEAH!). Gimme a Corona with a lime and we’re good. Or Yuengling. Still take take some … Continue reading


Top Notch Teamsters shot over this their new video for “After the Go-Go”, produced by 43-label mate AB the Producer. The video and track are pretty gutter, and its hook is catchy as hell. Dig it. Download: Top Notch Teamsters — After the Go-Go Bob Smoke, the director of the video, is also that dude … Continue reading

KB on IllRoots

Check out Kenny Burn’s interview over on illroots. It says quite a bit and gives some history on to the “beef” between Wale and Marky. KB: Absolutely, I just think for the DMV it needed this, because it exposes things that are happening and getting the acknowledgement of the rest of the world and at … Continue reading

Another DMV Artist Signed

Congratulations to Marky and Studio 43 for inking the deal yesterday with SRC/Universal. Street Records Corportation is run by another older white guy, Steve Rifkind, who all I can really say about is that it looks like dudes neck is uncircumcised on his myspace pic. All these record companies and boutique labels that call themselves … Continue reading