CNTHxKNOWXONE : Knowxone’s Business Mixtape

My man Ges gave me sneek peek at the tracks on this mixtape a couple days ago and he had me sold. A couple well-known tracks, some below the radar, others exclusive, ALL choice picks. Mixed by ITF World Champions Nocturnal Sound Krew, the mixtape rounds out just under 50-minutes. Oh yes, this mixtape actually … Continue reading

Dollar-Menu Millionaire

Yup, still working on these papers. Still, you can’t help but to procrastinate just a bit here and there. Jeebus, somebody needs to get me some adderall STAT. I caught wind of this video though while I was surfing the internets during some -cough- research -cough- and looked like an idiot in the library couldn’t … Continue reading

43 KB in LA

Studio 43 head honcho Kenny Burns drops an episode of the aptly titled “Kenny Burns Show” from LA. Features some cameos from some people you know and others that you should know. Not too big on the Heineken though (YEAH!). Gimme a Corona with a lime and we’re good. Or Yuengling. Still take take some … Continue reading

DMV Mixtape: August 2008

It took us a little while to narrow it all down and to finalize the artwork, but the August edition of the monthly DMV mixtape series is here and its gonna blow up. The last edition got a lot of love and we’re back again to showcase our homegrown talent. Huge shouts to my cohorts, … Continue reading

[update]Goadome Talk Presents:

The homie Major over at Goadome Talk sent over this mixtape featuring a whole rack of DMV spitters. Like I said before, today is a good day. We Put On for our city. Better download link now up. Download: Part 1 & 2 together Download: Part 1 Download: Part 2 Tracklisting after jump.

Sheila Vid Shoot Aug. 10

With a Chinatown backdrop, Marky & Tabi talk about Markyalago’s debut video for Sheila. Tabi is set to direct it, so it should be a good concept. Will there be little African kids in the video? Rollerskating? Jogging? lol @ Marky signing everything Tabi says around the 1:12 mark. I’m pretty sure thats the ASL … Continue reading

Vote DMV Artists

I got a letter about registering to vote, which everybody on here over 18 should be doing this November. In the meantime, practice your voting skills by supporting a DMV artist nominated for a UMA award. Voting closes the 31st, so get to clicking. Vote Here UPDATE: My man over at GoadomeTalk put me on … Continue reading

Can I Take My Cape Off?

I was kinda late get on Robin Thicke (no dupont). The first track I heard him on was that “Shooter” one he did with Dwayne and I remember putting that one on for quite a few of my roster players. This “Magic” is going down that same road. Plus, this is a perfect track for … Continue reading


There’s a lot of ways to describe Tabi Bonney, but no matter what adjective you use, you can tell the dude doesn’t give a f**k and is just gonna keep doing him. This is a new video for Tabi’s “Cool and Fly”, the first single off his sopmore album “Dope Meet Fresh…Fresh Meet Superstar”