A Moment in History


DMV Mixtape: September 2008

Economy is down the shitter, weather is getting sloppy, people are getting sick left and right & Arsenal just lost (it’s a big deal for me), so the doctor ordered 1000 cc’s of DMV hip-hop (I think that’s enough to knock out a horse, or at least half a Jodeci). This month’s mixtape, brought to … Continue reading

Listen Live Now

People gotta start listening in to the local stations, and by local I don’t mean WKYS or WPGC. I’m talking about that student radio stuff. Tonight, XO will be on GW radio’s Funkadelic Freestyles. Support the local artists and the people making moves. Listen in live here from 8-10 pm.

Clear Your Schedules for the 25th

Inner Loop is celebrating their paper anniversary and because their Beatdown events are always on point, they decided to make this month’s event at Club Felix something of a DMV hip-hop mecca if you will. Overok, thank jeebus, already link’d it all up already in the e-mail he sent out, so I’ll just put some … Continue reading

DMV Mixtape: August 2008

It took us a little while to narrow it all down and to finalize the artwork, but the August edition of the monthly DMV mixtape series is here and its gonna blow up. The last edition got a lot of love and we’re back again to showcase our homegrown talent. Huge shouts to my cohorts, … Continue reading

[update]Goadome Talk Presents:

The homie Major over at Goadome Talk sent over this mixtape featuring a whole rack of DMV spitters. Like I said before, today is a good day. We Put On for our city. Better download link now up. Download: Part 1 & 2 together Download: Part 1 Download: Part 2 Tracklisting after jump.

THE DMV mixtape

For you DMV. Together with my people over at DCtoBC & KNOWxONE, we’re dropping a monthly mixtape exclusively featuring DMV artists. The music game has slept on us for too long, and this mixtape is gonna showcase some of the best to come out of the urrea, from the signed artists to the local hype. … Continue reading

The Cool Kids across the DMV

Tax-Lo is throwing another party tonight up in Bmore and they brought out The Cool Kids to help them go all out. My experience with The Cool Kids tells me there’ll be a lot of hipster kids there, and all they ever do is just nod their heads, but these Tax-Lo parties get pretty crazy. … Continue reading

And the momentum continues…

Been looking forward to this mixtape for a while. Have you seen that Keys to the City vid down there? Ask anybody who the top emcee’s in the DMV are, and ten out of ten this dude is included in that list. Some people gave Wale shit for some of his go-go sound. Well, haters … Continue reading

If You Wanna Take a Ride

New track from X.O.’s upcoming “The Takeover 2” coming out next month, this track is straight up DC. Perfect track for you to lay back, ride, smoke and/or digest to depending on how you memorialize Memorial day. X.O. is one of the most underrated emcees out of DC; that’s not to say he doesn’t get … Continue reading